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Movin Frens NFT
5 min readMar 7, 2023


Movin Frens (MF) is a collection of animated frogs, derived from The Plague NFT project with a plan for utilities in the future, including NFT Giveaways. MF giveaways will be open to all holders who have at least one Movin Frens NFT. Movin Frens will be hosted on IPFS and will reside on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-721A).


Our mission is to participate in the Web3 world, and our first step consists of launching the Movin Frens, a collection of 1,511 animated frogs.

We look forward to supporting some of our favorite NFT Projects such as The Plague Frog and Squishiverse.

Our goals are to build a community and actively engage within the Web3 world. You may be curious as to how we intend on achieving this. We will initiate this by acquiring other NFTs from a variety of projects and thus distributing them to our holders with raffle style.


Each MF is unique and generated at random with 1000x1000 pixels in GIF format and has 174 total traits:

Background, Skin, Body, Headgear, Face, Right Hand, Left Hand.

Some Movin Frens do not have right- or left-handed accessories, while others do, making this trait more uncommon than not having right-or left-handed accessories. There will be one-of-ones and honorary, which are the rarest. Everyone who mints has an equal opportunity to obtain a 1 of 1.

Mint Details

Phase 1: The whitelisters will begin the minting phase.

Phase 2: The public will begin the minting phase.

Phase 3: Airdropping MF to our OG while the public mint going.

Phase 4: The reveal of Movin Frens will occur.

Amos Bio — Our Artist & Founder

I didn’t consider myself a real artist before 2022. I began working in an office as a video editor in 2016. While working in the office, I became interested in learning how to produce animations and learned from YouTube Videos and internet forums.

I have been able to create short animations ranging from 10 to 60 seconds in length, however, I was incapable of producing more content because I was preoccupied with my office work.

When COVID emerged, my job became very ambiguous, occasionally I worked. Unfortunately, more often I did not, until I did not have a stable job anymore. I now rely solely on my work as a freelance video editor and I do commissions for the streamers as pictured below:

I began learning about cryptocurrency and NFTs. I worked at this so that my animation skills have improved. In addition to that, I have learned about smart contracts and coding.

Movin Frens Story

The thought of a Movin Frens began from my affinity for the Sappy Seals Community on Twitter. In early 2022, I began actively creating memes for the Sappy Seals community. I produced this Moving Seal with legs, which was inspired by the Invisible Friends. I garnered tons of positive feedback, which eventually led me to consider the idea of launching my own project.

I was looking to start an NFT project even before that moment, because I now understood how to create animated-generative art, a smart contract, and a NFT website, but I did not have the connections to build a good project.

Mekanik had joined the team and has supported me and my derivative art. With Mekanik’s assistance, we were able to advance through The Frog Tank. In addition we would like to thank TPF and Pons.

Movin Frens Art

The Movin Frens was generated on January 25, 2023, with a total file size of 6.4 GB. We have 174 traits in total, which means that each Movin Frens is unique to the 1,511 Collection.

I am animating daily and improving the MF making progress on the 1 of 1’s and the honorary art.

Questions and Answers

  • What is the price?

We intend to set the price for each Movin Frens at 0.025 ETH, with a maximum of 5 mints for a whitelists and 5 mints/address on the public mint.

  • How to be an OG?

Being early in our Discord Server, the OG is almost full. However! Keep an eye on Movin Frens Twitter for updates, as we may be holding giveaways for certain OG spaces. And many thanks to our OG, all OG will receive one complimentary mint! Keep up to date by tuning into our Discord server!

  • How to be whitelisted?

There will be giveaways just for participating in our Discord server and staying active on Twitter with Movin Frens.

  • What is ERC-721A?

ERC-721A is an addition to ERC-721 that still complies with ERC-721 while offering significant gas savings for batch minting of NFTs. Many projects use ERC-721A to ultimately save on gas fees.

Here are the varied gas fees when you mint between one to three NFTs using ERC-721A.

Source: [Plague Mint 1 NFT, Plague Mint 3 NFT]- [Ape Mint 1 NFT, Ape mint 3 NFT]

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us over on our Discord and/or Twitter.


Amos as Artist & Founder

Mekanik as Project Leader & Co-Founder

Kat as Community Manager

Zack as Advisor

Geo as Music & Moderator

Ak as Developer

Seal Megalodon as Whitelist Manager

0xP as Moderator